Electrical Engineer

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All opportunities with TVP Health are currently unpaid volunteer positions that will give you a rich and unique opportunity to learn and participate alongside highly regarded industry experts.


TVP Health is a 501c3 nonprofit located at MassRobotics in the Seaport district of Boston. Our mission to simplify complex biomedical products to make them accessible and affordable for all. Our first ventilator, AIRA, was developed to be a universally accessible ventilator that could save the lives of Covid-19 patients experiencing respiratory illnesses worldwide. Current ventilators can cost upwards of $40,000. Our goal is to rapidly prototype, build & ship ventilators built from readily available parts for a fraction of this price, providing hospitals & patients with a cheaper alternative. Everyone deserves a chance to fight COVID19, fight with us. As of March 2021, our AIRA ventilator acquired the FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).


We are looking for an on-site Electrical Engineer to assist in designing the control system of a ventilator from the ground up while brainstorming innovative ways to get around using traditional medical parts. This role would include, but is not limited to, various tasks ranging from writing designed requirements based on FDA guidelines to working with the firmware and mechanical engineering teams to rapid prototyping.


Required Skills

  • Experience using embedded systems
  • Analog circuit design
  • Knowledge of I2C, SPI, and RS232
  • Experience with Arduino and MircoChip microprocessors 
  • Troubleshooting Sensors

Ideal Skills

  • Background in Medical devices design
  • Previous experience working in start-up companies/environments

The team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and skill sets, but each of us share a common calling: we couldn’t continue to sit and wait. We knew it was time to step up and find a solution.

LOCATION: Boston, on-site

DISCLOSURE: Current on-site volunteers are working in an isolated office setting while practicing safe social distancing practices. We have gloves and masks readily available, and the office space is professionally cleaned several times throughout the week. We also have had several hostels/hotels provide free living for our volunteers as well as an on-site chef to provide free meals. 

Please Apply Here: https://k7y.pl/s/KVT3P