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photo credit: The Wall Street Journal
Wait times for COVID-19 tests are yet another obstacle in getting a clear picture of how to adequately respond to this crisis, on both an individual and administrative level. Delays in testing can confound contract tracing efforts, and complicate decisions to open business or go to work. They cloud statistics used to track the spread of the virus.
As the staff of TVP continue working on our own information gathering efforts, undertaking an in-depth demand analysis for ventilators in the US, we’re getting a clearer picture of just how in-demand our devices are. We look forward to being able to alleviate as much of that demand as we can and saving as many lives as possible. As soon as we’re granted an EUA, the process of manufacturing and distribution will take off.



Our talented onsite engineers were quick to collaborate and optimize the performance of a device sent to Intertek, this week. This was a wonderful demonstration of teamwork that speaks to the culture at TVP.
Based on our research with respiratory therapists, we’re figuring out what we can add to the product without a new FDA submission. We’re making some more changes to the interactive controls as we enter a second round of user experience research with more respiratory therapists and ICU nurses. 
We’re continuing to gather information on the true cost of our ventilator’s components as we onboard a tactical buyer, a manufacturing engineer, and a supply developer; making headway in preparation for the manufacturing phase. We’ve applied to two manufacturing grants in preparation for support with equipment, materials, and training, so wish us luck!
We’re also excited to be bringing on new engineers as well as product and UX specialists across departments.
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Finally, as we wrap up this second round of Intertek external testing, we’re drafting up a pitch for the FDA to go along with our EUA submissionThis will communicate our position as a USA-based organization looking to manufacture, market, and create jobs in the US!


This week’s blog post explains the next, most critical step for TVP and what it looks like in reality— click here to learn about the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization!
Learn what it takes to innovate, manufacture, and distribute medical devices during a public health crisis.   
Aside from that, we’re excited to be launching a new interview series with nine different members of TVP! We’ll be uploading these videos to YouTube as well as sending out clips across all our social media channels. This coincides with a push for more video content to better represent what goes on at TVP on a day-to-day basis.
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More good news: we’re up about $3K this week! Our T-shirt drive ended on Tuesday, bringing in about $1.5K to fund our efforts. Thank you to everyone who participated— it’s because of your support that we’re able to continue to pursue our mission.

Teaming Up Across the Board

On Wednesday morning, a number of engineers and other team members dropped what they were doing and drove straight to the Intertek testing facility. There was an abrupt shift in priority for our ventilator’s development, and groups whose tasks don’t usually intersect banded together to address the issue at hand. Our timeline remains unaffected as a result. 
A huge shoutout to everyone who made this kind of teamwork possible—you exemplify what we stand for. 


As always, thank you for taking an interest in TVP’s progress! We wish you an uplifting, energizing weekend. Keep an eye out for our latest video content, and we’ll be back next week with another update.
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