Our Auction Will Take us Through the Next Round of Testing!

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This week, The Ventilator Project is in the middle of a balancing act.

Half the team is staying on top of FDA regulations, while the other half is working on what comes next—getting our ventilator (and company) ready for the manufacturing stage.   

AIRA’s external testing phase should be finished within the next ten days. As we carry on in anticipation, we’re also reflecting in deep gratitude of the donors, partners, and volunteers who have gotten us this far. We still have a distance to go. But the next step to furthering our mission— finalizing Emergency Use Authorization—is inching closer and closer.   

Now is the time to redouble our fundraising and promotional efforts. It’s time to really make the world of aware of the good that AIRA can do. 


Starting June 26th, The Ventilator Project will be holding a Virtual Silent Auction to fund our efforts addressing the global ventilator shortage!

So far we’ve received generous donations of many unique and valuable auction items, including Broadway tickets (Hamilton, anyone?), Orchestra seats at Madison Square Garden to see Billy Joel, signed sports memorabilia, Beats headphones, personal training sessions and much more.

New items, experiences, and vouchers will continue to be donated over the next few weeks. Check here to see what we currently have on offer.

All proceeds will go towards manufacturing costs for AIRA and donations of our ventilators to the areas where they are most needed. Find out more information, including how to donate an item or register to bid, by clicking the button below.

On behalf of the entire TVP team, thank you to all our donors and participants! You are helping the world breathe in a time of crisis.


Our engineers are working on small changes to the ventilator’s design while the product is out for third party testing. This includes addressing any issues with packaging as well as water and dust resistance of the machine. These changes are in anticipation of potential problems in the manufacturing phase. We want to stay ahead of the curve. Our team is making every effort to act resourcefully, implementing these modifications while sourcing materials outside the supply chain. Anticipation is high as we expect external testing to be completed next week.


As we continue to develop our technology more and more, we’re looking for more engineers in compliance and other departments who are inspired by our mission, especially those who want to come and work on-site! We want as many experienced people on our team as possible to develop our ventilator to its fullest potential.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you know someone who might want to work with us. All of the positions are listed here on our Careers Page.

Our T-Shirt fundraiser is closed, and merchandise is in production. We exceeded our goal by selling 77 shirts!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Donations play one of the biggest roles in supporting us, getting us to where we can make the most impact during this time. If you have any connections to companies or foundations interesting in furthering our mission with donations or grants, please reach out to our fundraising lead at Sarah@


With the addition of our new onsite interns and volunteers for all departments as of June 8th, The Ventilator Project’s office space has become that much livelier. We’re all here for the same reason: each of us believe in our moral obligation to put our skills to good use during a time of crisis. 

The world has been upended and devastated by COVID-19. Besides the disastrous effects experienced in the U.S., other countries have greatly suffered to. There are some that are experiencing a sudden uptick in cases, countries that have far fewer resources than we do. It is a time of fear and confusion, each of us trying to anticipate an unclear future.


For us, one thing is clear: everyone is here to do their part and to see their way to a finished product, an affordable ventilator addressing the critical shortage of life-saving medical equipment worldwide.   

We’ve come this far, and we’ll be going much, much further.



The Ventilator Project Team

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