Racing to the Finish Line

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A classic piece of advice often told to runners is to “run through the finish line.” 

This seems obvious – if you’ve come all that way, why wouldn’t you push as hard as you can through to the end? 

This advice wouldn’t exist, of course, if it wasn’t a common phenomenon. In any race, whether the Boston Marathon or a race to bring a life-saving ventilator to market, people tend to slow down and become complacent when the end is finally in sight.

However, that’s exactly when it’s time to run faster. In the end, that momentum loss can be the difference between success and failure.

External testing and validation is underway. We are now looking at a manufacturable ventilator in terms of weeks, not months.

So, with the end in sight, we are picking up the pace.


This week mainly focused on preparing AIRA for external testing and validation through Intertech Engineering Associates, Inc. We’re in the process of sending them all of our internal testing data and documentation, and will be sending several of the devices by early next week. 

In the meantime, our engineering team was able to implement the design and functionality tweaks we determined to be necessary during our internal testing phase.

These include a smaller battery, more efficient control system, and an astounding form factor reduction of more than 50%!

This size reduction only makes it easier to keep costs of manufacturing and distribution low, aiding our goals of speed and affordability. 


As exciting as it is to be transitioning to a new phase, the high costs of external testing have upped the pressure to raise more funds. We’ve been thinking outside the box for ways we can keep up the enthusiasm and support, and in the process have come to some creative solutions.

Donors now have the option to individually donate a ventilator! 

This image is an artist rendering and therefore subject to change

With a contribution of $5,000, one of the first 100 ventilators we manufacture will be built in your name or in honor of someone special. Donated ventilators will include a named plaque, as well as the special edition red banner.

These first 100 ventilators will be hand delivered to the U.S. hospitals most in need.

Additionally, over the next two weeks you’ll be able to buy The Ventilator Project t-shirts! All proceeds from the campaign support our efforts. Getting a stylish t-shirt ain’t a bad incentive either. Snag one while you have the chance!

Lastly, The Ventilator Project will be holding a Virtual Silent Auction on June 26-28th. Participants will be able to buy a wide variety of items generously donated by supporters of the project, ranging anywhere from wine baskets to signed MLB jerseys. If you would like to donate an item to be auctioned, you can do so by visiting our auction page.

Signed Team USA Wrestling Singlet, donated by Logan Stieber, 4x NCAA champ and 2016 World Champion.


The Ventilator Project was lucky to form yet another set of partnerships this week.

Chris Lund of NEFF Automation personally dropped off 10 pressure regulators for prototyping, which have become difficult to come by. 

We’ve also partnered with Sytech Precision Manufacturing, a company that offers single-source sheet metal manufacturing products and services.

Thank you to all of our wonderful partners!

the finish line

The finish line is scary.

It’s dangerous yet invigorating. It’s where you see the results of all of your hard work, and they aren’t always what you hoped for.  

Looking back – our movement has grown like a rising wave. Dozens of partners. Hundreds of volunteers. Thousands of donors and supporters. We are all united by a mutual belief that if you are able to do something, you should do something.

The comfort exists in knowing that we aren’t in this race alone.

The Ventilator Project Team


“From engineering masks to caring for patients, Tufts students fight COVID-19.”