Solving the Ventilator Shortage with AIRA

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Newsletter

 One month ago, The Ventilator Project didn’t exist.



AIRA was just an idea, one that would take considerable resources and a vast network of volunteers to succeed, all amidst a crisis that has started to seem insurmountable. We went into it knowing that a solution is anything but guaranteed, and we are racing the clock as COVID-19 spreads around the globe. We knew that if the ventilator shortage remained unresolved, many could die.


Yet, despite the odds, we knew that something must be done.


In less than a month, The Ventilator Project has blossomed from just an idea into a full-blown movement. Many hundreds of volunteers have poured in, generously offering their time and expertise, all the while putting their lives on hold. Partners across the globe have reached out to aid in sourcing and manufacturing. Companies and individuals alike have contributed thousands of dollars in resources and cash donations.


With their help – with your help – the solution to the ventilator crisis is no longer a distant hope. It’s within reach.




Our latest video, “Hope Takes Action,” tells the story of our mission.





This week, we welcome our newest on-site team members, who will be adding their unique skillsets to our cause. Shounak Bose, a biomaterials researcher, heads the testing team for biocompatibility, V&V, and human factors. Mark Waldner aids the FDA compliance team as a legal consultant. And Peter Choi, a project manager at Massachusetts General Hospital, is leading the advancement of FDA Emergency Use Authorization.


Who we still are looking to bring on board:


  • A full-time Chief Technology Officer with a proven track record leading full-stack engineering and development from the conceptual phase to full deployment.


  • Additional Product Managers to manage and integrate medical feedback to improve the product.


To apply to either position, send a resume to info@, along with a link to your LinkedIn page.


This image is an artist rendering, the final product is subject to change.






The newest addition to our team, however, is the AIRA wardrobe.


Working with industrial designers, we’ve designed a sleek new exterior to house our v4 prototype. Visually striking yet practical, AIRA’s new design seeks to emphasize the simplicity and effectiveness of our unit.


In addition to the exterior, the functionality of the ventilator itself continues to evolve – we’re using computational techniques to model fluid dynamics in the prototype, optimizing airflow and ensuring the lifetime quality of each unit. We have manufacturing design criteria locked down, and are working with our manufacturing and sourcing partners to source sensors and flow valves.




This image is an artist rendering, the final product is subject to change.






The Ventilator Project is also getting increasingly more media attention.


This coming Tuesday, April 21st, co-founder Tyler Mantel will be featured in the latest episode of 99% Invisible, a premier design podcast. Hosted and created by renowned podcast producer Roman Mars, 99% Invisible delves into the power of design in shaping our world. The show has over 400 million downloads, making it one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.


You can download the episode on their website or listen on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast streaming apps.






This past week, we’ve raised over $3500 in donations, and have initiated a grassroots campaign through community outreach. We’re always looking for more people to help with outreach and our phone drive, so if you’re interested please connect via the Join Us page on our website.


Thank you for allying with us in this movement.

Every day brings us closer to our mission. 

Every donation, every helping hand.

We couldn’t do it without you.



The Ventilator Project Team


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